Beautiful man, RDJ

I’ve just woken up from a dream about meeting Robert Downey Jr. and getting autographs from him. Such a beautiful dream. I wish I’ve never woken up from it. ; v ;

(I will literally do anything to meet RDJ in person.)


KH: Dream Drop Distance Preorder

All the funds I make from selling will go directly towards the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Mark of Mastery Edition. And of course, a 3DS system. I'm going to have to preorder it soon! > A <

Come on July 31st.

C81 Order.

My doujinshis came in the mail today! Two of them was an order from C81. And it took almost a month to arrive. I was afraid it got lost. Ugh. SAL. > A < ;; But I’m just so happy they all arrived!

Ah! Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming out tomorrow! ; ______ ; But I don’t think I can justify of paying $60 for a game right now. Plus, I want to get the limited edition. Hopefully the price will go down or find it somewhere like on Livejournal or something.

And finally life, to be honest has been tiring and stressful. I know I’m not the only one, I bet some of you guys are dealing with the same thing. I hope I can do and post some artworks. I’ve been just so busy and tired that I haven’t gotten to do any, except for art for school of course. Sales has been going well for me during the week! At least the money that I’ve made is actually making up for my parking permit for school. $75, just for a parking permit. So much I can get with that money. ; A ;

Hope everybody have been doing great so far.


Old Art Trade.

I just finished up an old art trade that I owed for envelopes50pack! > v < I'm so sorry for the long wait and thank you for being so patient with me Tracy! And everybody's gifts that I ordered from CWT29 (Comic World Taiwan) were all in stock! I'm hoping the items will arrive before Christmas week that way I can ship them out during that week! I hope you guys love the gifts I got you! I love my friends! = v = ♥

Today was my final class for English. Our final assignment for English was to write a five page literary analysis on some of the short stories we went over which includes Hemmingway and Scott Fitzgerald. I did mine on "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin. Basically I wrote about how there is no such thing as a utopia. It doesn't exist. My professor really liked it and gave me an exception to write only four pages because it was so deep and I made all the points that I can make! That was the highlight of my day! > v < Hope everybody is doing well and hope to hear from you guys soon!

We did a Sora art trade! :D

One of those days.

Does anybody ever have one of those days when you can draw really well one day, then the next day you can’t draw squat?! Or anything similar in that matter?

IT’S ONE OF THOSE DAYS. More like everyday for me. . ____ .


And I'm all like this. :I


Happy 21st Birthday to me! :D

I want to thank everybody who got me wonderful gifts and all the birthday wishes. You guys are the best!

This is one of my gifts from my friends, but I don't drink though. Haha. I still like it! :D